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dry january


For the first time, I attempted and completed a Dry January. 


Honestly, because I have this unrelenting desire to constantly challenge myself.  

Also because I don’t like anything having power over me.  

And I think it’s good to make yourself uncomfortable to see what lasting changes may result.

I realized just how much of an adult’s social life involves drinking. Good day? Drink. Bad day? Drink. Out with friends? Drink. Out by yourself? Drink. Went over to your friend’s house? Drink

And this is coupled with my waning desire to “go out,” as in spend all night out drinking and dancing and stumbling through the wee hours of the morning. More on that later.  

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with drinking in moderation. But go a month without drinking and notice the subtle (or not so subtle) pressures you get in response. Anytime I was in a social situation, I’d try my best not to bring up the subject of Dry January. But inevitably, someone would ask why I wasn’t drinking (which, btw, is kind of a rude question IMO). When I’d explain why, there was always pushback. Either oh it’s fine if you just have one drink or oh you must think that you’re better than me. No, it’s not fine. And no, I don’t think I’m better than you.

My decision to do a Dry January was made independent of anyone else. And at the end of the day, I’m glad I did it. Because now I know that I can (and I didn’t miss it that much). And the results of this have me considering other breaks that I can take this year - maybe I’ll go veggie again or give up coffee for Lent (coffee and I have a well-established symbiotic relationship).  

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a glass of bold, spicy South American Cabernet or a hearty Vanilla porter every now and then. I have nothing against drinking unless it’s done recklessly. It’s nice to step back from things we enjoy to see what life is like without them. The results of such deprivation may surprise you...

Here’s to challenging ourselves just because,  

- j

learning & grace

learning & grace