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Layover: Anchorage, AK

Earlier this summer, I was fortunate enough to score a trip to ANC. As soon as I got it, I let my family members know that I was coming. Since AK is so far away, they rarely, if ever, get visitors. So any time that I work up there, they are excited to see me :) The weather was less-than-ideal for my visit. It was overcast and rainy all day - this removed the option of going hiking and exploring the great outdoors. But that didn't deter me from having fun!

We had brunch at Gwennie's Old Alaska Restaurant, a mainstay in Anchorage for the past thirty years. This is the place to go to get a good sense of the heart of Anchorage residents. This place is a no-frills sort of restaurant. All of the meals are simple and tasty. I had my first taste of reindeer there! To me, it kind of tasted like hot dogs. Not the biggest fan, but I guess I can cross it off my list! 

After brunch, my aunt took me to the Alaska Native Heritage Center, a cultural center exploring and celebrating the different tribes of native Alaskan people. I learned so much about the native Alaskans during my visit. They feature different performances and demonstrations by native Alaskans. I learned about the native Olympics, the various events they hold, and the history behind these events. Part of the cultural Center is a walk behind the building that showcases dwellings from each of the native Alaskan tribes. The dwellings contain various tools and clothing used and worn by that specific tribe. 

alaska native heritage center
alaska native heritage center
alaska native heritage center
alaska native heritage center

After walking around the dwellings, we bought some jewelry from the local artists at the heritage center. I definitely enjoyed my visit there and recommend everyone to do the same when in Anchorage. 

We ate lunch at Glacier BrewHouse, a great restaurant located in downtown Anchorage. Another good Anchorage mainstay. The food was fantastic. I'll have to go back so that I can partake in their beers :) 

Anchorage is beautiful. Even though the weather didn't cooperate, the mountains were still gorgeous. I feel so alive when amongst nature. And I felt alive in Anchorage. If you ever get a chance to visit, do it! You get a sense of just how removed Alaska is from the Lower 48. 

Here's to mountains, good food, and cultural education,

- j

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