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Travel Décor: Framed Maps

In my first year as a flight attendant, I traveled to a lot of new places, both domestic and international. Beyond phone pictures, I wanted a way to showcase the places that I'd been in my home. Truth be told, I'm not terribly décor-savvy, but this idea dawned on me one day and I've been doing it ever since. Framing my maps.

What I do is grab one of those free maps of the city (usually in the lobby of the hotel or in a tourist site), buy a cheap frame from IKEA, cut and fold the map so that it fits the dimensions of the frame, and BOOM! Instant décor.

framed maps
framed maps

I really like collecting public transport maps, so a lot of the maps that I have up in my house are of different train systems that I've used in my travels. In the picture above, I have maps of: the Rome subway, Munich's S-Bahn, and the DC Metro. The frames that I use are IKEA Fiskbo frames - they're cheap, easy to use, and do exactly what I need. Of course, you can invest in more expensive frames. But for me, these are free pieces of paper in cheap frames that add a little character to my living space.

In addition to maps, you can also frame admission tickets and travel tickets. I'm one of those sentimental crazies that saves everything from a trip. So I found a useful way to save those things (like those millions of ridiculously tiny tickets from the Paris Métro) and decorate my house! I've got a map of Zurich hanging up in my guest bathroom (along with a coaster from a historic restaurant in Zurich) and a map of my beloved London Underground gracing my office.

Any other travel-themed décor ideas? Drop a line in the comments!

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