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Layover: Dayton, OH

press coffee bar dayton ohio
press coffee bar dayton ohio

Recently, I had a 29-hour layover in DAY. Some long layovers are good for exploring and some are good for resting and catching up on reading/Netflix binges/life things. Since it was my first time in DAY, I decided that it was a good layover for exploring. After a good breakfast and a hard run on the treadmill, I braved the sunny yet sub-freezing temperatures and spent the afternoon exploring the historic Oregon District. Well, really just exploring E. Fifth Street, which is home to quite a few local businesses (restaurants, vintage/antique shops, bars, and others).

Two things that I like to do when I have a long layover in a new city are: visit an independent coffeeshop and grab some locally brewed beer. This will give me a good read on what the local culture is like. And peoplewatching is always a good time. I stopped into Press Coffee Bar for a cappuccino and some locally roasted Wood Burl coffee beans. I tell you what. If I ever owned a coffeeshop (kind of a desire of mine), it'd be just like Press. Minimalist everything. The menu was simple - no frou-frou drinks - just the espresso staples and various methods of brewing (V60, Chemex, Aeropress). Simple décor with gorgeous wood floors. Dope beats playing in the background. I swear, they had to be playing my go-to Spotify playlist - Glass Animals, Flume, Passion Pit. I felt at home instantly. I found a cozy table towards the back of the shop, drank my cappuccino, and read Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire.

cappuccino - dayton, ohio
cappuccino - dayton, ohio

After enjoying my time at Press, I went over to 5th Street Wine and Deli for a much-needed breakfast sandwich. Because it's totally okay to eat breakfast at lunch time. Actually, it's always a good time to eat breakfast food, but I digress. I built my own breakfast sandwich - eggs, veggies, provolone on a croissant - and it was deeeelishusss. Besides their expansive menu, they have a lot of craft brews and wines to choose from. As I ate my sandwich, a Brunello di Montalcino caught my eye. Alas, I didn't buy it. Trust me to go somewhere random and bring back really good wine - it's happened before. Colorado Springs gave me a really good Rioja. But again, I digress.

After my breakfast lunch, I perused a few antique/vintage shops on E. Fifth St. Feathers Vintage Clothing was everything. I wanted to buy so many things in this cute little store, but I can't really carry around a vintage suitcase with all of my F/A stuff. I seriously am considering going back on my own time and buying that suitcase, along with some other things. Prices in this store are very reasonable and the owner was very welcoming. After coming to terms with not being able to buy anything in Feathers, I went across the street to Clash, a boutique that features local artists' work, clothing, jewelry, etc. Again, I had to come to terms with the fact that I couldn't buy the entire store and left empty-handed but very impressed. When I half-jokingly told my husband that I needed to bring him to Dayton just so he could take back stuff that I wanted to buy at these stores, he reminded me that I could've bought them when I was there and shipped them back home. Duly noted. I should've done that!

I have a friend who lives in Dayton, so we met up that evening, grabbed some food, and did a bit of bar hopping in the Oregon District. I was a terrible vegetarian and had some bangers and mash at The Dublin Pub. The food was great, beers were great, and the company was great. After that, we headed to Toxic Brew Co, a local brewery. I couldn't partake in any beer at this point because of the bottle-to-throttle rule, but I enjoyed interesting people watching of the Dayton Friday night crowd. ??

Dayton surprised me. I didn't know much about the city going into the trip. But I left thoroughly impressed and definitely hoping to get a trip back soon. Maybe when it's not so bloody cold!

Here's to a great time in a new place,

- j


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