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The 5K Journey: DONE

I did it. I ran 3.1 mi/5k this afternoon.

Time: 38'05"

I didn't stop once to walk. That's huge. HUGE. I ran that whole distance.

I may have cried a little bit when I finished the run. It feels so good to accomplish this goal. I hated running before this. Now, I've learned to enjoy it. And look forward to it. It still sucks sometimes, but not enough to keep me from attaining new goals in running (distance, speed, etc).

It wasn't easy getting here. There were many days, as evidenced by my previous posts, when I didn't want to run. Or the run was particularly difficult. Or the workout was weird. Or it was raining and I had to run on a treadmill.

But I did it. I accomplished this goal and that's all that matters to me. Many thanks to the friends and family members that encouraged me along the way - I took your words with me on the trails and treadmills and thought on them when I was having a hard day. Many thanks to the creators of the Zombies, Run! 5k training app for creating a 5k training app that suits my personality and needs. The storyline was pretty cool and kept me interested throughout my training.

Next steps: find a 5k race to run. And work on my speed.

- j


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