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The 5K Journey: Week 8

The end is in sight! I can't believe that I only have a few training sessions left until I'm ready to run a 5k. Day 18: Nov 18th

WORKOUT: 10 min fast walk5 min free form run 1 min running / 15 sec skipping (repeat 5x) 5 min free form run 3 min stretching / 5 min free form run (repeat 2x)

Skipping? Weird. Just another random thing in the Zombies, Run! workout. Whatever works, right?

Day 19: Nov 26th

Got a Thanksgiving Day run in before dinner :) I happened to be on a layover all day on Thanksgiving. I was lazy, watched the parade before eating breakfast and hitting the treadmill. I didn't eat quite as much as I would've if I had been with my family, but I had a great dinner with my crew. Thankful for a job that allows me to travel, meet fascinating people, and share memories over a holiday meal.

Day 20: Nov 29th

I'm done with the skipping, right? Because it's weird and I don't like stopping for 15 seconds every minute or so.

Day 21: Dec 1st

WORKOUT: 5 min fast walk 5 min free form run 2 min stretching 20 min free form run 5 min stretching 5 min free form run 3 min stretching 5 min free form run

The 20-minute free form run threw me off because I wasn't expecting it. I didn't look at the workout beforehand; I just hopped on the treadmill and went for it. I kept up my usual pace throughout, though. That's good news. Didn't stop once during the free form runs to walk. Found my groove. Left the gym feeling great about my progress so far. Running for this far and long seemed so far off in the beginning. Now, I'm one training session away from the 5k run.

ONE. TRAINING. SESSION. LEFT. Please excuse me while I hyperventilate. Not really, but I am freaking out a little bit.

Here's to almost being ready to run a 5k,

- j


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