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The 5K Journey: Week 7

Day 15: Nov 6th After a crazy week, I'm back at it. And on the treadmill.

WORKOUT: 5 min walk 10 min free form run 10 half squats 30 sec stretching / 10 half squats (repeat twice) 5 min walk 7 min free form run 2 min stretching / 7 min free form run (repeat twice)

This was a weird workout to do on the treadmill, considering the half squats. But half squats on the side rails of a treadmill beats no squats. I've done a lot of weightlifting and bodyweight squats were no challenge for me, thankfully. I can remember a few years ago when doing 10 bodyweight squats was a real challenge for me. Yay for progress!

The free form runs on this one were intense, but I managed to keep my pace throughout all of three of them. Makes me really excited to see my progress :)

Day 16 - Nov 1oth

On the treadmill again. The workout seemed easy, but I had to keep in mind that running on a treadmill is easier than running outside. Pace stayed consistent.

Day 17 - Nov 12th

It was my first time running this workout on the trails. And maaaaaaan it was brutal. The last 7 minute free form run was especially tough, but I made it through. Barely.

To be honest, I'm starting to get nervous because I don't think that I'll be able to do it. It's a stupid fear, as I've already progressed a lot since the start of my training. But, in the back of my mind, the fear that I can't make it through a 5k is lingering.

Any exercise routine is not just physical, but mental. Weightlifting is just as mental as it is physical.

I'm going to go off on a tangent here.

When I was a freshman in high school, I'd signed up for "Advanced Personal Fitness" as one of my electives. I thought it'd be like an aerobics/kickboxing class. I walked into the weight room and my eyes widened. Lifting weights? As a scrawny 13 year-old? I wanted to drop the class immediately. But I stuck with it. And from there, my love for weightlifting was born. I remember a particular season when I was trying to power clean 95lbs (43 kg). And I couldn't get it. Day after day, I tried and failed to clean the weight. I'd given up hope and moved on to other compound moves. One day, a few of my friends told me to power clean 95lbs. I told them I couldn't. They told me to try anyway. I tried. And I did it. After weeks of failing, I finally did it. Then I power cleaned 100lbs (45kg). The mental block was so real. But I felt so proud of myself after I did it.

So, I'll remind myself of that when I'm running. I can do it. I can do this. I will do this.

Here's to autumn weather and running in it,

- j

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