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The 5K Journey - Week 6

Day 12: Oct 24 WORKOUT: 5 min walk 5 min free form run 3o sec walk / 1 min run / 6 heel lifts (repeated 8 times) 10 min free form run 5 min stretching 10 min free form run

I never use the "stretching" periods for actually stretching. Is that bad? Usually, I keep a brisk walking pace during that time, so that I can recover from the run, but still get something out of the allotted stretching time. My reasoning is this - I'm not going to stretch mid-run/mid-race unless something's wrong. I do dynamic stretches before running and static stretches after running.

Day 13: Oct 27

So, I really dislike the walk/run drills. To be honest, those wear me out the most. By the time I got to the first 10 min free form run, I was exhausted. Buuuuut I push forward. Because I've gone too far to quit now.

Day 14: Oct 29

Glad to have the last of those walk/run drills. For some reason, they are a morale killer for me. Once I get into the groove of running, I try not to stop because it's always difficult to start back up again. But this program was designed this way for a reason. So, I'll suck it up and hope for no more crazy walk/run drills.

I am actually enjoying running at this point. Sometimes, days go by and I find myself wanting to run. WHUT.

Here's to running when it's cold and rainy,

- j

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