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The 5K Journey: Week 5

Day 9: October 11th On a layover. I opted for the hotel gym instead of running outside because I couldn't find any good trails nearby.

WORKOUT: 5 minute walk 5 minute free-form run 10 knee lifts followed by 1 minute slow walk, then 1 minute fast walk (5 times) 1 minute walk followed by 30 second run (5 times) 15 minute free-form run

Even though I did this workout on a treadmill, I felt very good about the entire thing. I got in a nice rhythm and held a good pace throughout the runs. I did run the entirety of the free-form runs (!!!), so I got a nice mental boost from that. I know that running on a treadmill is easier than running trails or on pavement, but I'll take whatever success I can get right now.

Day 10: October 13

Had to get one more run in before leaving on holiday! This run was great. I ran most of the last free-form run (the uphill bits really get me at the end). I've been steadily running a 12.5 minute/mile pace the last couple of times. It's a good pace for me - it feels comfortable. I have to constantly tell myself to slow down as not to burn out completely at the end.

Day 11: October 22

Back from my holiday and sort of over jet lag! I did a ton of walking in Paris, but no running. I was a bit afraid to see if my training had lapsed at all. Turns out, I'm just as solid as I was before I left. All those pain au chocolats and crêpes didn't weigh me down ?. Ran the entirety of the free form runs. Even went the extra mile (literally) because I was on a new part of the trail I usually run and almost got lost, so I turned around and ran back. I had a raging headache all day after this run. After doing some research, I chalked it up to dehydration. That was a nice little reminder to keep myself hydrated before I run. Ugh. I never want to feel like that ever again, no matter how good the run was.

I am officially halfway through the 5k training at this point! I'm proud of how far I've come already and I'm more than ready to face the challenges ahead! Bring on the cold weather and longer distances!

- j

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