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The 5K Journey - Week 3

Day 6 - September 29th Ugh. Still raining. Which means that I had to hit the treadmill again. UGH. I felt so very tense on the treadmill. I did run most of the free form run (7/10 minutes), which is good. I guess. At least I did it. At least I tore myself away from my cozy couch and the comfort of House M.D marathons to do some training. That is a feat in and of itself.

Day 7 - September 30th


As excited as I was to finally get back out to the trails after a few days of rainy, overcast (read: perfect) weather, this run was a complete bust. It was bad. Baaaadddd. I couldn't get it together. Mentally, I'd had a rough day and it definitely affected my run.

The workout changed again: 5 minute brisk walk, 5 minute free form run, 1 minute running / 1 minute walking / 10 knee lifts x 5, 8 minute free form run, 2 minutes stretching, then 8 minute free form run. I was battling everything on this run: a nagging stitch, 100% humidity, a litany of negative thoughts, and annoying gnats. This was basically me the entire run:

Somebody get mah baby out da gnats!

Due to all of the above, I walked a lot of the free form runs this time. Afterwards, I reminded myself that everyone has bad days. Even the best athletes and fitness gurus have off days. The important thing is to get back up and go for it the next day. Which in my case will be a few days, since I didn't take a rest day between these workouts. And I'll be very busy this weekend. I hate only doing two runs a week, but it's better than no runs a week.

Here's to getting back up after falling down,

 - j

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