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The 5K Journey - Week 2

I'll be honest - I took a week off of running because I wanted to let my tattoo heal without worrying about messing it up. More on the tattoo in a future post :) So, this should be week 3, but it's really week 2. Day 4 - September 23rd

Ah, the breeze! It's so wonderful, especially during a run! I took the presence of a good breeze as extra motivation to run.

This workout is very similar to last week's workout, just a few changes. 10 minute brisk walk, 1 minute walk/30 second slow run/5 heel lifts five times, then finish up with a 10 minute free form run.

I find the heel lifts to be weird and maybe unnecessary. It's weird to slow down from a run to a complete stop to do heel lifts, but I'll take it.

Still ran about half of the free form run. Trying to shorten my breaks between walking and running. Also trying not to get too ahead of myself because I don't want to get burnt out. Or injured.

Day 5 - September 25th

It's raining. It's my favourite weather. Steady rain with an overcast sky. A quiet morning punctuated by the sound of rain outside my window. This is Netflix marathoning weather. This is cozy book reading weather. This is Earl Grey tea weather.

I almost didn't run. Then I considered running the trails anyway. But then I considered what a sprained ankle would do to my plans for the next couple of months and I wasn't about that kind of life. So, I opted to run on the treadmill at my gym.

First of all, I'm glad I went to the gym in the afternoon. There were maybe 7 people there.

Secondly, I hate the treadmill. I'm always so nervous that I'm going to trip and fall and make a fool of myself. I get really tense on the treadmill. And I feel like running on a treadmill is cheating. Because the ground is helping you, essentially. But running on a treadmill > not running at all.

Finally, it was hella awkward doing the heel lifts on the side rails of the treadmill. Also hella awkward having to constantly change the speed to match where I was in the workout. Thankfully, the Zombies, Run 5k App has an accelerometer function that tracks the workout when you're indoors.

I only got two runs in this week, but I fully intend on making up for lost time in the coming days.

Here's to rainy weather and working out anyway,

- j

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