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The 5K Journey - Week 1

Every week, I'll provide a short synopsis of the workouts and how I felt during them. A good way to stay motivated and see my progress! Day 1 - September 11th

It was a hot day. Hot, sweaty, humid, sticky, nasty morning. Yet, this was the day I chose to start my running program. So, come hell or high water, I was going to run. The workout for this and the next two days is: 10 min walking (brisk pace), 1 min walk (brisk), 15 sec slow run, alternate between 1 min walk and 15 sec run ten times, then 10 min free form run (run or walk).

Thankfully, I chose a forest trail, so the sun didn't quite get to me. I am very thankful for Off! Deep Woods for keeping this brown girl from getting a million mosquito bites.

The run was good. Kept a brisk pace during the first 10 min walk, then tried to do the slow runs slowly. I have a hard time holding myself back. Ran for about half of the 10 min free form run, which I count as a success. Definitely felt like I'd done some work after that workout.

Day 2 - September 15th

The weather has cooled down considerably, which made this run a bit more enjoyable. I'm using these runs to explore more of the trails in my area, which is equally scary and adventurous because I don't have the best sense of direction.

Same workout as the first day. Ran most of the 10 min free form run, except for the steep uphill parts because no. Forgot the Off! Deep Woods, but still mosquito bite-free (yay)! Caught a bit of the runner's high today and rode that all the way until things started hurting.

This workout came two days after hiking a mountain with my crew in WY - a higher elevation and intensity than I'm used it, but I'm glad we did it!

Day 3 - September 17th

Same workout. I went a bit harder on myself on this run. Kept up a brisk pace during the first 10 min walk, then kept it steady during the walk/run drills. This time, I allowed myself to explore a little more and see where the trail ended up. After finishing my 10 min free form run, which I ran about 65% of the time, I was still a bit far from the parking lot. So I ran some more. Even the uphill bits. I came up to the last uphill section, and once I'd reached the top, I stopped to catch my breath and started walking. A lady passed me going the opposite direction. As I was greeting her with the standard breathless "Morning!" greeting of a trail runner, she said, "You're almost there! You can do it!"

Thank you, runner lady! Thanks for that extra motivation. I did a slow jog back to my car because of her motivation. Albeit, I was out of breath and completely knackered, but I made it.

I'm enjoying the program so far. I know it's going to get more difficult, but I appreciate the challenge.

The 5K Journey - Week 2

The 5K Journey