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The 5K Journey

I hate running. Well, I'll say that I currently hate running and have hated it for a while. Running has always seemed so boring to me, even if I am listening to music. Running on a treadmill? Boredom central. I've attempted a few different 5k training programs, only to ditch them a few weeks in due to, you guessed it, boredom. I get bored really easily with things and tend to move on to newer, shinier projects without a slightest hint of regret. However...

I want to like running. I've wanted to like running for about five years now. And I've gotten to the point where I've wholeheartedly decided to follow a 5k training program through to completion. The truth is, I think I should be able to run 3.1 miles with no problem. I've got so many runner friends who knock out a quick 8 miles on a regular basis. And I'm jealous. And I want that to be me. So, I'm going to do it - spend the money, register for a race, train properly for it, run it, and claim victory over all.

I've found that incorporating more elements into the running program is what keeps me motivated and interested. I'm following the Zombies, Run 5K app (App Store / Google Play). If you're not familiar with the Zombies, Run app or its 5k training app, you play a character called Runner 5. You are tasked with various missions to build up your base. Along the way, you gather supplies, meet other characters, and occasionally have to outrun zombies! How fun! The 5k training app is a little less on the storyline as the Zombies Run app is, but it's still fun. Previous training programs would have me looking at my stopwatch too often to know when to start/stop walking or running. With the Zombies, Run 5k app, I can start the workout, have it mix in my running playlist, and go with it. The app prompts you to run, walk, stretch, etc.

So, here I go, off into the wonderful world of running. I don't expect to be a marathoner or even really enjoy running over other preferred methods of physical fitness (weightlifting and bodyweight, mostly). But I do expect to be able to run 3.1 miles without wanting to die.

Here's to running!

- j

The 5K Journey - Week 1